Top Reasons to Use CBD for your Pet

Does CBD work on pets?

CBD (Cannabidiol) for pets has proven to be a major benefit to Fido and Tigger. Studies have shown that CBD works on pets just as it works on humans. Why? Because because both species has an endocannabinoid system. CBD works on the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies to help regulate our functions. So CBD for pets can help with many of the ailments that Fido and Tigger suffer from (both physical and psychological).

Important thing to remember is that CBD is completely harmless to your pet. All reputable CBD manufacturers create their products with top tier ingredients and are Non-GMO. There is no THC in any pet products, therefore, no psychoactive effects to your furry friend at all. THC is what makes humans “high” in large quantities.

If you’re worried about adding CBD to Fido or Tigger’s regimen, consult your vet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear a favorable opinion even if they can’t prescribe it. Talk to friends or family who have tried or experimented with CBD for their pets. You may find some positive reviews.

CBD Helps with Anxiety

Fireworks? Parades? Harley driving down the street? Car backfiring? Even the ever popular, ‘separation anxiety’. Our furry friends experience anxiety as much as we do.

There are traditional therapies that can ease the animal’s pain. Some work well, but with side effects.

CBD has proven to calm our pets and let them (and you) live a more peaceful relaxing life.

CBD Helps with Seizures

Unfortunately, with the current traditional medications to treat epilepsy for your pets, there are many side effects. Also, 30% of pets still experience seizures even after being prescribed.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKCCHF) recently announced a major clinical trial to study CBD as a treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy in dogs.

Currently there is no solid evidence on the effects of CBD on seizures in pets sans anecdotal evidence from current pet owners. But, this isn’t to say that CBD won’t be effective for your companion. CBD has been proven effective in seizures in humans, which lends to the idea, “Couldn’t this work for Fido, too?”

CBD Helps with Pain

Many pets have debilitating and/or chronic pains. Most illnesses are caused by genetic DNA issues. Hip dysplasia and joint pains are the most common pains in the pet world.

CBD with it’s anti-inflammatory effects has proven to be effective in reducing the suffering from physical pain. This is the top reason many pet owners have chosen CBD to help their furry companions daily lives.

CBD Helps with Illnesses

Arthritis, gastrointestinal disease, organ dysfunction. These are all illnesses that humans and pets acquire over their lifetimes. Over time Fido’s illnesses will affect his appetite, his activity, even his attentiveness.

CBD has the ability to alleviate those symptoms. CBD is not a cure for the ailments, but a natural band-aid. Administering CBD to your pets daily regimen can give you back your normal healthy pet.

Animals positive response to CBD has led many vets to advise the use of it in their foods, treats, or even given orally. Any of those methods given on a regular basis will improve their lives.

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