Farm Bill 2018: PASSES!!

Congress has passed one of the most historic bills that has ever come across their desks.

The Farm Bill of 2018 has a component among 5 very important rules for the farming industry that will change the face of marijuana and hemp forever.

The House of Representatives in a vote of 386 – 47 and the Senate in a vote of 87 – 13, has legalized the farming of the hemp plant.

Yes, it’s not about marijuana, but with this HUGE step forward in the legalization process of one of the earth’s most valuable and sustainable resource, it paves the way for a positive future for the Federal legalization of marijuana.

Hemp can now be farmed in the luscious soils of Colorado and Kentucky (2 of the biggest hemp farming states).  This helps keep farmers in business and it opens up research and development of hemp products.

The hazy gray area of the legality of hemp has been lifted!  The bill will essentially open up a whole new era of CBD and hemp products all over the country.  Hemp not only has medicinal properties with it’s high CBD content, but the hemp fiber is one of the most versatile and economical resources on the plaet.

Please join me by holding hands and singing hallelujah!!

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