What’s it like to be under the Delta 8 influence?

How did I administer Delta 8?

Before I decided to put Delta 8 products on my site, I decided that I needed to sample these products.  For one, I was seriously curious about it’s effects based on what I learned.  Two, I needed to be able to answer questions pre and post sales.  I needed to be experienced in both forms of Delta 8 consumption.  I say, both, because that’s all I have access to at the moment.  There are more products coming to market (vape e-juice, tinctures, topicals), but I haven’t had the opportunity to try these yet.


Body Effects

delta 8 thc gummies berry gummies stacked
delta 8 thc gummies berry gummies stacked

These delta 8 gummies from D8.co are so tasty.  As compared to regular D9 (full cannabis extracts), these gummies have NO herbal/hempy flavor.  They taste JUST LIKE REGULAR CANDY GUMMIES!  The downside? KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AT ALL COSTS!

It was a Monday night and I was sitting in front of the TV binging Ozark (such a good series, very much like Breaking Bad).  Sorry, back to the topic.  Earlier in the day I had a long, arduous bike ride.  I was exhausted and my legs felt so tight and overused.  Looking at the coffee table, I saw the Blue Raspberry gummies just staring at me.  After opening the jar, I gave it a sniff test (like a 5 year old investigating new food).  Lo and behold, it smelled awesome!  I contemplated taking either a whole or a half a gummy since this was my first time.  Screw it, I went with a whole blue cube.

The texture is very smooth and the flavor and sweetness are on par with gourmet candies.  It really was hard to eat just 1, but knowing the future effects, I needed to have willpower and put the rest out of sight.

After about 40 minutes, I felt a wave of calmness and relaxation just wash over me.  I didn’t get the “couchlock” where I didn’t want to get up.  I did, however, have a feeling of body euphoria.  I did feel a bit heavy but nothing like Delta 9 effects.  I didn’t get red eyes either.  My eyelids did feel heavy, but they never closed.

Ok, 90mins into taking one full gummy and I’m toast. I mean, I’m so tired.  Both from the long exhausting bike ride and the total body relaxation from the gummy.  I got up to wash up and get ready for bed. I did stumble a bit standing up and did have a bit of “drunken” feeling, but I was in full control.

After washing up, my head hit the pillow and I was OUT!  I mean out as soon as my body went horizontal.  I did wake up a full 8.5 hours later and felt absolutely fine.  I mean, no grogginess, no lethargy, nothing deleterious.  I felt great.  My legs were a bit sore, but I think they would have felt worse had I not had the gummy the night before.

Mind Effects

I was able to stay focused on my binging.  Maybe it was the engrossing storyline, but even though I did feel a bit loopy, I wasn’t totally out of it.  I was able to concentrate on how the effects of Delta 8 on my body.  Admittedly, I was high. But, it wasn’t the same high as a Delta 9 edible.  I thought the definition of being high was “not in your normal mindset”.  I was definitely in my normal mindset.  I’m sure if there was someone with me, I could have a full coherent conversation.  I actually like this type of “high”.  Fully in control with less inhibitions.  The body euphoria definitely lended itself to a mind euphoria, as in, “I’m so relaxed and happy. Anyone wanna talk about the latest situation of the pandemic?”


Body Effects

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges
Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Using D8.co Gushers x Runts flavored vape, I was able to achieve the same effects as the edible gummies, with MUCH less wait time.  Not only much less wait time, but less resources used.  I think I took 3-4 puffs and was feeling the effects within 5-7 minutes.  Some people feel it sooner, depending on their sensitivity.

With only a minimal amount of puffs combined with slow easy draws from the cartridge, I could not continue working at my computer.  I really had to sit down on the couch for a while.  I turned on the TV and tried to continue my binge watching of Ozarks on Netflix, but that wasn’t happening.  I knew that if I continued to sit there, I’d eventually pass out and lose out on a whole day of working.  So I counteracted the body high with a cup of coffee.  It did take some effort to get off the couch, but I was determined.

The coffee did help and I was thankful for that.  I was able to get back on my computer and continue work almost an hour later after taking those few puffs.  PHEW!

Mind Effects

Nothing like edibles.  That’s all I have to say.  The psychoactive results (for me) were stronger than the edibles.  I was definitely higher than the edibles.  Which lended itself to the struggle to make coffee.  My work was a lot slower, but it was still good work (thankfully).  Be wary of puffing too much if you need to be functional, you may need to counteract the effect with something uplifting like caffeine.

Effects: Overall

I have to say, overall, I really like Delta 8 gummies over vape.  Gummies are easier to take and the effects last a lot longer.  This is because you’re getting a slow drip of Delta 8 as your gummy digests and gets processed through your liver.  Vape delta 8 will hit you MUCH quicker than edibles; that’s just the nature of inhaling.  The effects are quick and effective when vaping.  But, you have to moderate how much you take.  Experiment with a couple of puffs and wait a few minutes.  Also note, inhaling delta 8 is much harsher than delta 9.  This was confirmed in a Delta-8 subreddit where I posed the question if it was harsher than delta 9.  Many respondents answered with a solid “YES”.  I did cough my brains out with a long first draw.  After I recovered, I decided to turn down the voltage on my battery and take shorter puffs of smaller volume.  I think seasoned veterans of inhaling delta 9 will suffice just fine.  I’m not a fan of inhaling due to the coughing nature and the earthy hempy flavor.  Which is why I love edibles.

I would say, if you’re looking for an insomnia cure, give delta 8 a try.  If you’re looking to just chill with some friends but still be functional, go the vape route.  Either way, you’re going to enjoy the effects as I have.

Just remember, YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.  It’s all dependent on your sensitivity, concentration you’re ingesting, and your goals.  I say, experiment 🙂 

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