Product Spotlight: Medterra CBD + Melatonin

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Daily Stress Hampers Rest and Sleep

Everyday stresses of life continually takes it’s toll on the body and mind.  Be it from work, from family, from life’s obligations, our bodies are built to handle stress.  However, every now and then, our bodies stress armor starts to take on too many dents and becomes less and less formidable to life’s daily beatings.

CBD + Melatonin to the Rescue!

I can go on and on about CBD’s benefits to help you sleep.  There have been a handful of studies on the efficacy of CBD to feel relaxed enough to roll into bed at night.  But, there are more anecdotal stories on how well people are reacting to taking CBD on a regular basis to help them stay asleep longer.

CBD isn’t a sedative.  You’re not going to be lights out with just CBD alone.  It’s definitely going to make you feel more relaxed and calmer.  Which, in turn will help you fall asleep.  Once you’re asleep, the calming nature of CBD will help you have a more restful and deeper sleep.

Medterra’s CBD + Melatonin dissolvable sleep tablets will definitely help you zonk out for the night.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that is created by the body to help induce sleep.  This is why it’s so popular by itself over the counter at your local drug store.  Not much melatonin is needed to help bring you to la-la land.  Melatonin also helps regulate your body temperature, blood pressure and hormone levels. Melatonin levels start to rise in your body when it is dark outside, signaling to your body that it is time to sleep. It also binds to receptors in the body and can help you relax.

Some people react very well to melatonin’s effectiveness.  Some people react too well and wake up feeling groggy and sluggish.

Medterra’s CBD+Melatonin tablets are a combination of 25mg CBD + 10mg Melatonin.  They’re a dissolvable tablet that you put under your tongue.  They’re flavored with a refreshing spearmint taste.  What’s really beneficial about the tablets is that they’re conveniently scored down the middle so you can take half the dose if you’re sensitive to melatonin.

Tablet Details and Usage

Medterra CBD and Melatonin Dissolvable Sleep Tablets Feature:

  • 99% Pure CBD, melatonin, avocado oil powder, spearmint, stevia, d-mannitol, xylitol, crospovidone, dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous, magnestium stearate, silica dioxide
  • 30 Capsules per bottle
  • Medterra CBD is Grown and extracted in the USA
  • THC free
  • Third-party tested and 50 State legal

We recommend taking half a tablet as a trial and see if you’re sensitive to melatonin’s effects.  If you know for sure that you’re not sensitive, you should take a full tablet.  Dissolve your dosage approximately 30 mins before going to bed.  Now here’s the crucial part.  You need to turn down your brain activity to get the most benefits.  Put your phone down, turn out the lights, maybe use earplugs to help drown out any excessive noise if you live in a bustling neighborhood.  Make a routine of creating a relaxing atmosphere for inducing sleep.

When the rooster crows you should feel much better and ready to take on the day with more energy than you normally would have.  You may even be in a better mood.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

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