Product Spotlight: Medterra CBD Good Morning Capsules

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Want to take on the day ahead?

Medterra has done wonders with their CBD+Melatonin product.  They decided to do a 180 degree switch and create a product to keep you going after you wake up from your blissful slumber from their melatonin tablets.

These all natural “pick me up” capsules is all you’re going to need to get through a tough day ahead.

Packed with 25mg of CBD isolate, 50mg of caffeine, amino acids and Vitamin B’s, it’s hard to turn away from Good Morning capsules to hit the ground running.

** NOTE **
These are not VEGAN friendly as they do contain gelatin

What to expect

Can’t wait in the long lines at Starbucks?  No time to brew your own coffee at home? Two (2) Good Morning capsules will be a great way to get that energy boost in the morning.  With about as much caffeine as a 4 oz cup of joe and the calming effects of CBD you’ll be energized without the jitters.  CBD’s calming effects will calm your nerves and minimize your stress levels.  The added B vitamins will be a natural energy booster to your caffeine intake.  L-Tyrosine will improve mental alertness, performance and memory. L-Theanine has been known to reduce anxiety; great combination with CBD.  If you’re caffeine sensitive, you will want to take only one (1) capsule to minimize the caffeine intake.

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My Review

Just a little background on me.  I love coffee.  I love it in the morning before going to work and maybe even a cup during the day.  I love the taste of coffee with cream and sugar.  There’s something ritualistic and magical about a cup of joe first thing in the morning for me.

Given my adoration for coffee, I decided to try Good Morning Capsules for a full 3 days without a cup of coffee during the mid-day.

Looking longingly at my home coffee brewer, I sighed and opened the bottle, with 2 capsules in hand, I swallowed with a full glass of water.  I then proceeded to start my morning with a shower and a commute to work.

Normally, I’d feel on the sluggish side when I don’t have my coffee in the morning.  Maybe it’s the caffeine boost I’m missing? Maybe it’s the routine ritual I’m missing?  But, I was feeling just fine on my way to work.  Headphones on, listening to podcasts and music, walking to my favorite cafe for a small pastry for the morning.  I felt really energetic.  And it wasn’t one of those “holy crap…this thing works!” kind of realization.  It was more of a, “I feel like I had a great night’s sleep and really energized.”  I didn’t have any jitters.  I felt a little bit more alert to my surroundings (When did that pet store open?).  And I wasn’t grumpy from the people crowding the train car and pushing people around like cattle.

I have to say, I am a believer in Good Morning Capsules.  My only drawback is that I’m missing the taste of coffee.  Maybe I’ll take one capsule with my coffee in the morning instead of 2.  Maybe I’ll move to decaf and take a full 2 capsule dose.  Whatever my choice is in the future, I’ll definitely have a bottle of Good Morning capsules at home and at work.

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