What’s the proper CBD Dosage and Frequency?

“What’s the proper dosage I should use?”

I hear that all the time from customers. The answer, unfortunately, is “There’s no real proper dosage”. That’s not to say that the answer is mystical with guesswork. The answer is actually, “There are many factors that contribute to the proper dosage FOR YOU”.

Finding your CBD Dosage “Sweet Spot”

Factors that contribute to effective CBD dosage:

  • Body weight
  • Severity of ailment
  • Body’s reaction to CBD

Now, 2 of the 3 above are quite easily ascertained. However, the 3rd factor, Body’s Reaction, is going to be a bit harder to gauge. Similar to how doctor’s prescribe your medication. They give you the “general dosage” for your situation. After a short period of usage, your doctor will either increase or decrease your concentration or frequency. This is the same process while finding your “sweet spot”

Our advice is to start SLOWLY. Starting slowly is the best tried and true method. Start with a full dose of CBD, then tailor the dose up or down based on your reaction.

How much is in a dose?

There’s a really simple method to calculate how much is in a dose of CBD. Now this information pertains to the tincture method, where you can very easily tailor your dosage.

The simple formula is: Take the volume in the bottle and divide it into the CBD concentration in the bottle.

Example: 30ml / 1500mg = 30/1500 = 50mg/dose

Each pipette or eye dropper will generally be 1ml in volume.

Bottle SizeCBD ConcentrationAmount per dosage

What dosage works for me?

Drumroll please….

This chart is a really good guideline on how much to take for the best benefits.


We can’t stress this enough, THESE ARE JUST GUIDELINES. Please use discretion on how much CBD to administer when you’re just starting out.

How often should I use CBD?

To see the best benefit from CBD usage, a steady and consistent regimen of daily dosing is the best method.

We suggest starting with 2 doses per day, breaking up your target dose in half. Example: You find out that 20mg is your “sweet spot” dosage. You should take 10mg in the morning and 10mg again sometime during the day or when you feel you need it. By adding CBD to your daily regimen, you should be able to see it’s effects from the first dose up to the 10th dose.

What you need to do while trying to find your “sweet spot”, is to take inventory of how you’re feeling before you dose, how long it takes to feel the effects, and how long the effects last.

From customers’ experiences, people are finding results anywhere from 3-7 days of consistent dosing. Hopefully, this time frame works for you too.

Good luck on your journey into the healing world of CBD.

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