Most Ridiculous CBD Invention, PERIOD.

Too good to be true? It probably is

Ok, we all know that when you hear something that is too good to be true, it’s a good sign that it is.

The CBD infusion industry is going gang-busters with new and crazy inventions and infusions.

CBD is in everything from food products, to makeup, to skin care, to pet foods.

There’s a seemingly unending application for CBD infusions.

But, as usual, there’s always that one invention that makes you scratch your head and say, “what? really? is that for real? I mean, just why??”

Introducing the latest innovation: sports apparel

Yeah you read that title correctly.  A company has created and is now promoting (heavily) it’s CBD infused athletic apparel for women.

We promote a healthy lifestyle here at Urban Haven.  We provide options for people who are interested in introducing CBD into their lifestyle.  There’s plenty of products out there that has the potential to change lives.  CBD infused athletic wear is JUST NOT ONE OF THOSE PRODUCTS.

Acabada is the brand name.  They’re brand new on the market and pushing hard to become the de-facto standard in CBD infused clothing.

They’re targeting women simply because the market report shows that women are more likely to spend and spend big on “the next big thing”.  They have no products for men at all in their lineup.

Acabada's limited product offerings

All of Acabada’s items are targeted to the athletic woman.  Lots of spandex yoga pants and tops.  With the addition of a jumpsuit and a jacket.

Now each article of clothing is microscopically infused with 7-25mg of CBD all strategically targeted to dispense CBD through the highest friction areas on the item.

Plain black, white and gunmetal grays.  No color options in their lineup.  Athletic crop tops with spaghetti straps, sports bras, and long sleeve crop tops round out their tops offerings.  They offer full lengths leggings, biking capri style leggings, and full jump suit outfits for their bottoms offerings.


Is it all bad, though?

Absolutely not!  Their products are very high quality.  On par with the LuLu Lemon’s, Athleta’s, and Prana’s of the workout world.

The issue I have with the idea of infusing CBD in clothing is the limited usefulness of the CBD effects.  Acabada states clearly on their website that the CBD infusion will deplete after 40 high intensity washings.  40? That’s what? 3 months of use before you just have a high quality article of workout clothing?

The wise thing to do is to invest in a good CBD topical cream with the concentration that works for you and invest in the LuLu Lemon’s and Athleta’s and Prana’s.  You’ll have an entire wardrobe that fits you best and in various colors to suit your fancy.  Apply the CBD pre or post workout and you’ll have the same effect as buying a limited use Acabada article.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware

Urban Haven likes to be upfront and transparent with everything CBD.  We try and review as many products as we can.  All of the items on our site are staff tested (sans pet products but our pets seem to benefit from them).

With that out of the way, it’s really hard for us to recommend Acabada products.  Throwing CBD into anything and everything does a disservice to you as a customer and to the validity of CBD in the marketplace.

What’s next? CBD straws? CBD floss?  There is a practical  application for many things, especially CBD, but CBD athletic wear?  I’m tossing this idea up there with the Pet Rock.

If you’re really gung-ho about trying it, go for it.  But, again, CAVEAT EMPTOR.


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